Welcome to  Sex. Travel. Food. Life., the official blogsite inspired by Not All Men Are Monsters.

This ‘About’ page provides information about the project as a whole; for more detailed information about individual themes, you can click on the links in the following summaries (or find the ‘About’ links on the right sidebar of each page):

Sex. – Anonymously read and share exotic experiences.
– Adventures and tips that are far from five-star.
– Traditional ethnic recipes accumulated over 3 years of travel around the world.
– Relationships and everything else worth talking about.


As I went through more than ten edits of my novel, Not All Men Are Monsters – Sex. Travel. Food. Life., I found idea after idea that I wanted to elaborate on. But as the book was being comprised of my actual emails, chats and journals, I didn’t want to lose the fluidity or the lack of clarity I was feeling at any given time while experiencing life, not reflecting on it.

So came the idea for this online project as an interactive extension of the book, creating discussions around many subjects that could not be explored to their full potential in one novel. When you see a page number parenthesized in a blog entry, it indicates that the preceding quoted paragraph(s) are a direct passage from Not All Men Are Monsters .

Though the ideas and reference material for this site start with my stories, I would like to see this expand into something much bigger that takes on a life of its own. Success will depend on user participation, as new blog entries will reflect heavily on the posts provided by readers.

I realize that some people may not be interested in all four themes presented here, and for this reason, the site is divided into four individual blogs that come together (almost) seamlessly. On the right sidebar of every page, you can choose to take a few seconds to register to receive any or all of the four blog themes by email; signing up for ‘Sex.’ alone (for example) will not automatically register you to receive updates on ‘Food.’ or ‘Travel.’

At the same time, the search function works within each blog theme individually from the others (this is a built-in function that I have not been able to modify), so if you search the word ‘relationship’ while in the ‘Sex’ page, you will receive different results than if you search the same word in ‘Life’.

I hope you find the design and content easy to navigate. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to post them for consideration.